torsdag 23 augusti 2007

Life campus-style

Hi there,
As you may or may not have noticed, the last couple of days, it's been very quited around here. This have a very valid and natural reason. The entire Oddrose Game Prod. Team have started different university courses. At the start of the first semester (being freshman is it?) we all have a bunch of parties and activities, often just plain nonsense...but that may be me being boring. I can't tell. However, this has had great impact on our spare time, and so we have not been able to work (at all!) on the project this week. We hope to regain control of our situation some time soon.

Have a great day

söndag 19 augusti 2007

Tech Meeting #?


Yesterday we held another meeting with the development team, this time with a rather tight schedule. The agenda posed some questions on the use of OpenAL/OgreAL as a sound-wrapper. It wasn't until my arrival at home about 3 in the morning that I could verigy that it worked lika a charm. Yet, we haven't put it through any real tests.

In addition to the sound talk, we discussed the all-new dialogue system and how we should make the connection to/from it via Lua. It seems that we're quite well-prepared for implementing the scripts. At present, the data of the dialogues are stored in an XML-file (being considered) that is read by C++. In the Lua scripts there are events and triggers connected to these dialogues by name, so at a given moment a function runs in Lua, which triggers a C++ function, and the dialogue is printed on the screen. For now, this satisfies our needs.

One of the more interesting aspects of yesterdays meeting was the discussion about a japenese blog. Everyone wasn't super-psyched about the effort/cost that would mean to us right now, but some thought that there were great benefits of doing it. Nothing is settled, and a growing visitors count from samurai land kan change a great deal.

Sleep tight

fredag 17 augusti 2007

Bank man

Hi there,
This is a sketch of a man working at the bank in the town where the main character lives. I'm sorry to say however that I misplaced the original image of this pic so you'll have to do with the small version.

fredag 10 augusti 2007

A treasure hunt with sound #2

Hi there!

This weekend we had another tech meeting and I have to say that I am pleased with the outcome. We discussed some story management and even some level design. In addition to that we managed the wonderful effort of having sound blasting from our project. This is still in playground stage but tada.wav has been played in our executable. Updates concerning sound, gfx and game functions will be posted when the right time comes.

Stay tanned

söndag 5 augusti 2007

Expo #3

Hi again...I threw a body i had lying around onto the fishermans head. And this is what he looks like at present. There are no textures on the body quite yet, and the modelling isn't entirely finished. Altogether he is about 2200 polys heavy at the moment, and I don't think that number will increase much, the heaviest things are the hands, so I may cut a few polys from them. The goal is for him to have even less correct proportions later on...his head will be bigger related to the body.

Expo #2

Here's a pic of an early version of the fisherman's head. It's quite low-poly (450) and it's not yet fully textured. But here it goes:

lördag 4 augusti 2007


Hi, I know this isn't the funniest picture to look at, but in my opinion, all pictures are...well, fun.
This is what the default-look of RBGUI looks like, inside of ogre of course. At present, the box says "Krock!" (Collision in swedish) when you run into a trigger.

fredag 3 augusti 2007

Sick as a dog

Hi there,

The last weeks have been surprisingly slow in production. I've continued working on game functions, Jocke with 2d, and Tobbe with sound. More and more stuff works so at least we are moving forwards. However, the last days I've been ill, and still am to some extent. I hope this won't have to big consequences on our plans. A meeting is scheduled this weekend and I hope that it will turn out good. Today I modelled the fisherman. He's coming along nicely but I won't show anything without some texture on it.

Take care