måndag 7 september 2009


This pretty much shows the current status of the engine.
You have the ability to import meshes and create physical objects via scripts. These are organized as GameObjects and Components. You can also do this in the script console. There is a basic camera management system in place, (for this scene I created a scripted component CCamera to handle the movement). The arena you see is a basic untextured sketch of what the final one might look like.

The blue pyramids inside the transparent body is bone visualizations that will help the development of the IK Animation system that is under construction.

söndag 6 september 2009

Busted for real

I found the real reason for the script bug yesterday. Lua was destroying objects randomly after calling functions from C++ and passing this-pointers to the objects as arguments. I guess I will have to create some adopt-policy or something but for now I store the pointers in a vector in lua so they don't get destroyed. An ugly solution yes, but a working temporary one.

Also, I started working on a Camera component and exported a new mesh for using in IK Animation tests.