måndag 25 juni 2007

F = m * a

Hi again!
The last days, have been incredibly productive, at least by our standards. During the past weekend, I rewrote the entire charactercontrol and changed it from using defined speeds to use forces instead. In short, this makes the movements of the character a bit more general towards the world. You could say that instead of making the player run with a speed of 7km/h, you apply a forces that make him reach that speed. When you want him to stop, you don't just set the speed to 0, but rather apply a force in the opposite direction. Very beautiful and very realistic for a person who has studied physics in school.

At this moment, our main character kan walk, turn and jump - the basics of character controlling. Something made entirely during the last few days.

If everything continues as planned, I will report back soon.

Don let go of the sun!

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