söndag 19 augusti 2007

Tech Meeting #?


Yesterday we held another meeting with the development team, this time with a rather tight schedule. The agenda posed some questions on the use of OpenAL/OgreAL as a sound-wrapper. It wasn't until my arrival at home about 3 in the morning that I could verigy that it worked lika a charm. Yet, we haven't put it through any real tests.

In addition to the sound talk, we discussed the all-new dialogue system and how we should make the connection to/from it via Lua. It seems that we're quite well-prepared for implementing the scripts. At present, the data of the dialogues are stored in an XML-file (being considered) that is read by C++. In the Lua scripts there are events and triggers connected to these dialogues by name, so at a given moment a function runs in Lua, which triggers a C++ function, and the dialogue is printed on the screen. For now, this satisfies our needs.

One of the more interesting aspects of yesterdays meeting was the discussion about a japenese blog. Everyone wasn't super-psyched about the effort/cost that would mean to us right now, but some thought that there were great benefits of doing it. Nothing is settled, and a growing visitors count from samurai land kan change a great deal.

Sleep tight

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