tisdag 17 juli 2007

Mum, I've got nothing to do

There is a certain way of noticing that more structure is needed in a larger project. That is when you start to wonder what you should be doing today. Since Tobias left for the woods, we haven't had a full-team meeting and thus we haven't been able to arrange the daily goals that are so important for productivity. Speeking for myself, the last days have past in slow-motion and I've been jumping from task to task. One of the functions that I'm working on is a class that handles tasks sent to the engine, by either the game itself or by the user. The tasks shall then be executed in a certain timeframe. The thing is that the free and open source TaskScheduler has just this ability. The problem is however, that TaskScheduler has given the project some unwanted bugs and to them I have yet not found a solution. Luckily, there is much work to be done even if you don't always know what to work on.

Yesterday, I instead started working on a collision handler that determines what happens upon the collision between two types of objects. For instance the character and triggers etc. Sadly, I have no new pictures to show but when the work with models picks up speed, you'll get more to rest your eyes on.

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