söndag 15 juli 2007

A new 2D GUI

Hi you guys!
During yesterday’s meeting me and Fredrik made some serious progress on the CEGUI-front. But as time went on our mind got more and more clouded with doubt on if this really was our thing? And this morning after finding a quote that was at least to say painfully striking we unanimously decided to widen our vision and maybe to remove CEGUI from our project. You can say that this quote sort of confirmed our doubts.

" It's not that we hate CEGUI (hate is such a strong word), it's just most of us have realized that there is much room for improvement in the area. I mean, come on, it's the year 2007 and all we have is Taharez-Look? "

As a complement to CEGUI we have found another open source GUI as Fredrik earlier mentioned. The name is not yet final but it’s called RBGui (www.rightbraingames.com/tech.php). And that is pretty much what I’ve been spending this day trying to fix (integrate with our Ogre-application). It was a lot trickier than I would have expected because RBGui have a lot of dependencies that had to be built from source. Mocha was one of them and had its own dependencies such as zLib. Another dependency of RBGui is an engine that handles the fonts, it’s called Free Type. I most likely will have an extremely interesting time ahead of me as I explore all of the possibilities with these new (to us) third party libraries. I shall return with a status report when I feel I’ve got something to present.

To make things more graphic I made an image that’s sort of showing a small hierarchic overview:

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