måndag 24 september 2007


This weekend our little team held a short meeting discussing what needs to be done and what already is. The biggest issue of the last week has been wether we should keep OpenAl as our sound system or change to FMOD. This disscussion comes from different reasons and I can't say we have reached a final conlusion but a certain thing is that we will build our own 3d Sound Manager. This has both pros and cons but Tobias happily agreed to do it making it his main project.

As for me, I realize I have stepped aside a bit from the goals I posted last week, but the last few days I have built a basic LogManager, something that is needed more and more by the day as our project expands.

Joakim got the task of creating a Console / ConsoleManager for the engine. We put some thoughts on possible functions and paper, and the ideas are looking good even a couple of days later.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but the game engine we are creating are now officially called
Odd Engine in short, and Oddrose Media Game Engine in full.
(I realise many of you would want it to be the more logical OMG Engine, but I wouldn't be able to sleep if we named it that. So Odd Engine it is.)

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