måndag 29 oktober 2007


Sorry for the last months absence. As expected, the first semester at the university ate most of our time and I can honestly state that we haven't made much progress in October. As of last friday some of our courses ended and new started today. For me, this means 3 courses instead of 4 and hopefully more time to work on the Odd Engine. Today I started a slight restruction-process to be able to implement a new component-based object management system. In short, this means that instead of hard-coding objects like "Car" or "Enemy", you code the components needed to build these objects. Then you define the objects (by their components) in scripts or databases. This is a more general, and reusable, approach to object management. This means a bit more work for now, but it will hopefully pay off in the end. As you might suspect, this is a result insufficient planning of the engine, something that I'll gladly admit as this is part of our learning process. So basically I want to stress the importance of planning, sketching and structuring, for anyone that might be in the same situation as us. I hope to report soon again.

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